Wrapped in Skin

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Normality Gone Bad: An Introduction by Stephen Volk

Fallen Boys
The Name Game
The Red Door
White Wings
The Complicit
Bad Call
Feeding Frenzy
The Scariest Place in the World
Eating Disorder
Puppies For Sale
Waiting for the Bullet

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A woman haunted by a mysterious upside-down door. A meeting between a famous punk rocker and a voodoo priestess. A group of friends who willingly place themselves in the path of bullets that travel through time. . . .

Mark Morris’s stories are wrapped in strange skin. Skin suffused with regret and grief and anger. Skin that twitches with bad dreams and appalling memories. Skin that is so thin it is unable to prevent the terrors of the past from breaking through.

| Introduction by Stephen Volk. |

ISBN: 9781771483575
eISBN: 9781771483582

Praise for Mark Morris

“Mark Morris is one of the finest horror writers at work today.”
—Clive Barker

“Mark Morris is a stellar talent. If you haven’t read him before, now’s the time!”
—Christopher Golden

“Mark Morris is one of the best horror writers we have. If you’re not reading him, you’re missing out.”
—Michael Marshall Smith

“Mark Morris is the irreducible rock of modern horror literature. Unafraid to push the boundaries of his art, he nevertheless has one foot firmly entrenched in the good earth of tradition.”
—Conrad Williams

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