Ison of the Isles: Volume Two of the Forsakens


by Carolyn Ives Gilman | :: Jump to Buy Links ::

Ison of the Isles continues the story started in Isles of the Forsaken.

Revolution has broken out in the Forsaken Isles. The islanders have risen up to drive out the Inning Empire, but still they have no one to unite them. Only an Ison can do that—a leader whose heart has been cleansed by the curing of dhota-nur. The power to create an Ison lies in the hands of three people, and none of them are heroes. Spaeth has the ancient Lashnura heritage, but does she have the stature? Harg has the military genius, but he utterly rejects the price of dhota-nur. And Nathaway, the Inning outsider, finds himself unexpectedly holding the key to the future of the Isles. Perilously poised between Inning conquest and the savage powers of ancient forces, the Forsakens need them to decide. But for an Ison to rise, each of them must betray one of the others.

Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781926851563
eBook ISBN: 9781927469071

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Praise for Carolyn Ives Gilman

“[Gilman’s] characters have complex motives and tactics for navigating events, and serve as convincing and sympathetic viewpoint characters. The novel delivers magic, intrigue, and high seas adventure, while under the surface is insightful subtext about gender, race, and especially class, a thought-provoking mirror.”
—Christopher East

“Carolyn Ives Gilman can produce an exciting adventure tale that is both a thoughtful exploration of political and philosophical themes and an in-depth study of fascinating characters. Most authors do well to accomplish one of those things.”

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