Jason Taniguchi

Jason Taniguchi is so impressed by you. Just look at everything you’ve accomplished, all that you’ve achieved. How do you do it? Have you taken one of those Time Management seminars? Do you delegate? Meanwhile, the months and years have dropped off the calendar like a montage of all the movies that have ever shown pages dropping off a calendar, and here Jason Taniguchi has been, frittering away his time, despite having no real idea what the frittering of time actually consists of–having never, for example, set aside so much as a single hour for the intended purpose of fritterance. Still, just look at them: all those years, good and frittered. But amidst all the fritterage he has somehow managed to produce this slim volume, so that’s something. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two children. He has waited his whole life to be able to say something like that in an author’s bio, and no one is more astonished than him that it is actually true. He lives in Toronto with his wife and two children, and that is awesome. Guess that’s what all that frittering was about. That, and watching all those movies.

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