Remember Why You Fear Me: The Best Dark Fiction of Robert Shearman


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Not Really A Horror Writer: An Introduction by Stephen Jones

Mortal Coil
George Clooney’s Moustache
Damned if You Don’t
So Proud
Clown Envy
Elementary Problems of Photography (Number Three): An Analysis, and Proferred Solution
Good Grief
Custard Cream
Cold Snap
Blue Crayon, Yellow Crayon
One More Bloody Miracle After Another
Jason Zerrillo is an Annoying Prick
Granny’s Grinning
Alice Through the Plastic Sheet
The Bathtub
The Dark Space in the House in the House at the Centre of the World in the Garden

Afterword: Merely a Horror Writer

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A woman rejects her husband’s heart—and gives it back to him, still beating, in a plastic box. A little boy betrays his father to the harsh mercies of Santa Claus. A widower suspects his dead wife’s face is growing over his own. A man goes to Hell, and finds he’s roommate to the ghost of Hitler’s pet dog. Giant spiders, killer angels, ghost cat photography, and the haunted house right at the centre of the Garden of Eden.

Deliciously frightening, darkly satirical, and always unexpected, Robert Shearman has won the World Fantasy Award, the British Fantasy Award, the Shirley Jackson Award, and the Edge Hill Reader’s Prize. Remember Why You Fear Me gathers together his best dark fiction, the most celebrated stories from his acclaimed books, and ten new tales that have never been collected before.

| Introduction by Stephen Jones. |

ISBN: 9781927469217
eISBN: 9781927469224

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Praise for Robert Shearman

“If you enjoy reading weird and well written stories, I can highly recommend Robert Shearman’s They Do the Same Things Different There, because it’s a unique and mesmerizing collection of new weirdish speculative fiction. Highly recommended to readers who want to read something out of the ordinary!”
Rising Shadow

“If you’re not familiar with Robert Shearman’s fictional work, then let me tell you that you’ve been missing one of the most talented fantasists in the area of dark fiction. His most recent collection, published by the excellent Canadian small imprint ChiZine Publications, confirms once again the exceptional quality of his stories. The volume assembles twenty-four weird tales ranging from horror to surrealism, the common feature being a sort of distorted (or insightful?) vision of everyday reality. While the less accomplished among the stories are “simply” good, most of them are outstanding both in terms of imaginative power and of narrative ability. . . . A splendid collection, highly recommended.”
—Mario Guslandi, The British Fantasy Society

“. . . Shearman’s work, most of all, is intelligent. And that’s why it is so effective. His stories are carefully constructed using a blend of sophistication and gentle wit that will keep readers coming back. . . .”
Shroud Magazine

“Thrillingly unpredictable, bizarrely life-enhancing. . . . Shearman is a great writer.”
The Scotsman

“Wildly inventive and chilling. Shearman proves himself a master at transforming our deepest fears into new and wholly unexpected forms.”
The Times Literary Supplement

“Shearman’s prose is a mixture of faux-naive mundanity and breathtaking fantasy visions. Addictive. Wonderful.”

“Corrosively funny, wistful, sharp, strange and black as a coffin lid, Robert Shearman is an addictive delight.”
—Mark Gatiss, Co-creator of Sherlock

“Shearman takes his reader on . . . strange journeys from the suffocating domesticity of the suburbia to the depths of Hell, all with quiet wit and sophistication.”
The Crow’s Caw

“Shearman offers us haunting, nightmare alternatives to our world that are still somehow utterly recognizable as our own, thanks to the way he always picks out the comically mundane among the impossible and the fantastical.”
—Steven Moffat, Executive Producer and Hugo Award-winning writer for Doctor Who

“His stories are like the bastard offspring of Philip K. Dick and Jonathan Carroll, but with a quirky personality that is completely their own.”
—Stephen Jones, World Fantasy Award-winning editor of Best New Horror

“Shearman is extremely talented, and his literary style is both elegant and direct.”
Library Journal

“Shearman has a uniquely engaging narrative voice and he steers clear of genre clichés, injecting elements of horror and the surreal into a recognizably real world. As impressive as his quirky imagination is his emotional range: most of the stories are darkly humorous, but humour, horror and genuine pathos all make a powerful impact in a very short space.”
The Times Literary Supplement

“Shearman’s stories are hard to categorize, a unique fusion of literary and the fantastic, perhaps not surprising from a writer whose credits include Doctor Who scripts and mainstream theatre.
The Guardian

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