Cocktails at Seven, Apocalypse at Eight: The Derby Cavendish Stories

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I’m Derby Cavendish-that’s pronounced Derby with an ‘ar’ sound, not an ‘er’: remember it for later. Ever since I was a boy, the forces of the otherworldly have been drawn to me like divas to a spotlight. But I’m ready for them. Bring it on, bitches.

He’s the reason there are no zombies at Christmas, no fairy magic (the bad kind) at Gay Pride, and no werewolves (except one and he’s a dear friend) at Hannukah. He’s Derby Cavendish and for several years, Don Bassingthwaite has been bringing him to life at much anticipated annual readings. Now for the first time, these flamboyantly funny, supernaturally saucy stories are brought together in one fabulous collection. If you like your chills with giggles and glitter, Cocktails at Seven, Apocalypse at Eight is for you!

ISBN: 9781771483766
eISBN: 9781771483735

Praise for Don Bassingthwaite

“Rumours of these stories, previously only read live, had reached a near mythic level for those in the know, but not the GTA—those rumours pale to the notorious truth. Whether it’s fruitcake zombies, overly possessive sweaters, or the holiness of a hockey arena, Bassingthwaite can skewer any tradition with Derby Cavendish’s dry martini wit. Cocktails at Seven, Apocalypse at Eight is sassy, salacious, and superb!”
—Chadwick Ginther, award-winning author of the Thunder Road trilogy

“If H. P. Lovecraft, P. G. Wodehouse, and J. K. Rowling somehow collaborated on a book together, it still wouldn’t be as weird, witty, and wonderful as Don Bassingthwaite’s collection of stylishly silly stories. Defending the world from the forces of darkness with bravery, brains, and bitchiness, Derby Cavendish is the hero we’ve always needed and deserved!”
—Scott Dagostino, manager of Glad Day Bookshop and book columnist at

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