The Family Unit and Other Fantasies

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The Family Unit
Hole in the Ground
What the Wind Blew In
The Unexpected Guest
Long Story Short
Modern Sign
The Happy Hour
Bomb Shelter
Old Tricks
The Dead End Job
The Son He Never Had
Home Invasion

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The Family Unit and Other Fantasies is a superb collection of darkly comic, largely fantastical stories set in our jittery, polarized, increasingly impersonal age. Whether it’s the tale of a corporation that buys a man’s family . . . two mysterious survivors of a super-storm who are given shelter by a gullible couple . . . an erotic adventure set during an urban terrorist alert . . . or a nightmare in which a man sees his neighbourhood being developed and disappearing at a truly alarming speed . . . these stories are by turn funny and frightening, uncanny and unnerving.

ISBN: 9781771482035
eISBN: 9781771482042

Praise for Laurence Klavan

“A playwright, graphic novelist, and mystery writer, Laurence Klavan has long enthralled audiences with his extraordinarily fertile imagination, insight, and style. He is also an admired short-story writer. The Family Unit and Other Fantasies brings together his best work, reminding us of the pleasure of unplugging, putting your feet up, and living someone else’s life for a while.”
—T. J. Stiles, author of the Pulitzer-winning The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt

“I have this secret addiction to the short stories of Laurence Klavan, which sneak up on me at odd moments in little magazines and small presses. Attention, all! Give these stories big magazines and big presses. They are full of unexpected joys and always leave me feeling terribly uneasy and blissfully satisfied.”
—John Guare, Tony Award-winning author of Six Degrees of Separation and The House of Blue Leaves

“These are wonderfully strange tales—cunningly written—eerie and satiric by turn—often evoking tremendous pathos.”
—David Greenspan, five-time Obie Award-winning author of The Myopia

“Laurence Klavan knows all too well that the world is changing too fast to offer us much in the way of shelter. To remind us of this, he’s written an impressive collection of stories—some playful, others tender or sobering, all of them shrewd and surprising and wise.”
—John Dalton, author of The Inverted Forest and Heaven Lake

“A masterful, unnervingly funny collection set in a society with no place to hide: in other words, our own.”
—Irina Reyn, author of What Happened to Anna K.

“Laurence Klavan uncovers the places you didn’t know exist, the gaps between everyday life and existential horror, where the disconnect between reality and the weird operates its quiet and subtle magic.”
—Maxim Jakubowski, author, and editor of The Mammoth Book of Erotica

“Disturbing, surprising, and unflinchingly intimate, Laurence Klavan’s stories make the mundane bizarre and are absolutely engrossing.”
—Danica Novgorodoff, author of The Undertaking of Lily Chen

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