Casting Shadows

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Casting Shadows collects for the first time the twisted poetry of Troy Harkin, wherein you will find yourself among scalpers, neck bags, and nocturnal sheep that hate you. Clive Thompson (Smarter Than You Think) once described Harkin’s verse as “Carnival of Mayhem” poetry. That works. In fact, Troy Harkin suffers under the influences of Richard Brautigan, Nick Cave, and the koans of later day Dudeism. Language is both his Lego blocks of lust and monster truck of love. He’s versatile that way.

Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781771484824
eBook ISBN: 9781771484831

Praise for Troy Harkin

“Troy’s poetry bends and slides and hassles and reaches, usually coming back with a fistful of wonder and experience. It gets into the canals of our national consciousness and paints vivid wordpictures of where we live and how, and who we are. A great beginning for a strong new voice.”
—Dave Bidini, author of Midnight Light and On a Cold Road

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