As Close to the Edge Without Going Over

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Poet and theatre artist David Silverberg has written a unique poetry collection that probes where our future is headed, mixing science fiction, horror, and magic realism. Encouraging us to examine how we’ll live and love in decades to come, Silverberg provides us with an extraordinary book filled with biting humour, insight, and a flair for the fantastical.

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Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781771484848
eBook ISBN: 9781771484855

Praise for David Silverberg

“This book is a time machine. With nostalgia and wit, these poems bring us to childhood shrines of forgotten manuscripts and pop culture, while forecasting the future we may face: a crossroads where each person has to decide what they stand for, and how to make themselves heard. Part celebration, part call-to-action, David Silverberg uses these pages to remind poets and readers alike: we need you now more than ever.”
—Alessandra Naccarato, winner of the Writers’ Trust RBC Bronwen Wallace Award, and of the 2017 CBC Poetry Prize

“Turning his sweet tooth into a Bluetooth connected to the future, David Silverberg explores a future where a man’s brain is one with the internet and where language is changing so fast it’s sometimes too gizzle and gronk for us to keep up. I recommend you check out all the other words David has to offer in this new collection.”
—RC Weslowski, broadcaster and Canadian poetry slam champion

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