Troy Harkin

Troy Harkin was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He spent a good deal of his early days as a playwright and poet, performing his works in and around Toronto. His poems have been published in a variety of literary journals. He has since successfully raised three children without major incident while amassing a body of work that includes both poetry and novels. He currently lives north of Toronto with a militia of trolls.

His novels The Dark Stars of Morning and Red Rover will be published by ChiZine Publications. Casting Shadows is his first poetry collection.

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“Troy’s poetry bends and slides and hassles and reaches, usually coming back with a fistful of wonder and experience. It gets into the canals of our national consciousness and paints vivid wordpictures of where we live and how, and who we are. A great beginning for a strong new voice.”
—Dave Bidini, author of Midnight Light and On a Cold Road