Gifts for the One Who Comes After by Helen Marshall

Helen Marshall is a writer who creates real people in real situations, then uses the fantastic to pry her way inside her readers’ ribcages and break us wide open.
—Neil Gaiman

Fearful Symmetries

This is one of the consistently strongest new horror, weird, and dark fiction anthologies I have read in quite a while, including others by Datlow. In most collections, some stories, horrific or not, are instantly forgettable: the stories in Fearful Symmetries overwhelmingly linger in the mind.

The Claus Effect by David Nickle and Karl Schroeder

Nickle and Schroeder write with a fine ear for the disturbingly perverse, and their story is as sick and twisted a version of Santa Claus as I have ever encountered. Any parents that expose their children to this little bit of nastiness should be put away at once.
Prairie Fire

Knife Fight and Other Struggles by David Nickle

David Nickle’s Knife Fight and Other Struggles is a collection of thirteen unique glimpses into the weird. Dynamic imagination, masterful writing of both the every day and the nightmare, characters that breathe, and a dark sense of humour make this a keeper. If you’ve not yet read Nickle’s fiction, Knife Fight is a great place to start. If you have, you’ve no doubt already bought this book.
—World Fantasy Award-winning author Jeffrey Ford

We Will All Go Down Together by Gemma Files

[We Will All Go Down Together is] a vivid, haunting mix of horror and fantasy woven together through a complex fugue of short stories. The effect is powerful. It’s a book you have to work hard at, in order to make sure you’re not missing any of the peripheral connections. But it rewards the effort, and then some.

Irregular Verbs and Other Stories by Matthew Johnson

This, ultimately, is what Johnson has accomplished with Irregular Verbs: he has created a new mythology—new lore that feels as familiar as it is daring and fresh.

The Door in the Mountain by Caitlin Sweet

“. . . [The Door in the Mountain] . . . is very well written. Sweet goes into lavish detail when describing the characters and setting as well as in correlating the events of the story with their mythological precedents. There is a strong focus on imagery that makes the story almost come alive as the reader can easily [imagine] being in the fictional world that she creates.

Head Full of Mountains by Brent Hayward

[T]he full power of the story does not hit until after the final word is read. I found myself liking the novel once I finished it but it was only later that night when I could not sleep due to the novel almost haunting me that I came to truly appreciate just how good Head Full of Mountains really is.

The Night Inside by Nancy Baker

Inside is at times bleak, rife with captors that love torture and snuff films and create both. However, within this story of incest, greed, necrophilia, and a multitude of other horrors, Baker pens some beautiful descriptions. I appreciated her ability to get at the core of what motivates her characters and lay it bare for the reader to see, no matter how disturbing that truth may be.

Haxan by Kenneth Mark Hoover

[Haxan] is a mixture of western and urban fantasy, with a cold, moody atmosphere . . .

Shadows and Tall Trees 2014

If you’re as passionate about horror short stories as we are, then this really is a must buy.

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Jul 6, 2015

The Chiaroscuro Reading Series Expands to More Cities


TORONTO, Ontario (July 5, 2015) — Sandra Kasturi, Executive Director of the Chiaroscuro Reading Series (ChiSeries) and Chair of the Toronto branch, announced that the professional reading series will expand to two more cities in the late summer of 2015. A branch will be launched in Edmonton, AB (chaired by Candas Jane Dorsey) in August with another in Guelph, ON (chaired by Angela Keeley) in September. These join branches in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Peterborough, Ottawa and Toronto. Two more branches, in Montreal and Halifax, are scheduled to begin in 2016, as well as a “roving ChiSeries” that would travel to communities in Canada that could not support a regular event.

“When we started ChiSeries, the vision was for fans of horror, science fiction and fantasy to be able to hear their favourite authors read no matter where they were in Canada,” says Kasturi. “Over the years we’ve built a terrific organization across the country. We’ve had bestsellers and up-and-coming authors read in front of great crowds. We’re looking forward to fans in Edmonton and Guelph having the chance to hear amazing authors.”

Founded in 2010 by Kasturi and author Helen Marshall, the ChiSeries began in Toronto as a monthly event: a casual, informal venue for leading writers of genre fiction and poetry to read from their work and interact with fans. ChiSeries Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver launched in 2013, with Peterborough joining the team in 2014, all organizing quarterly readings. In fall 2010, the ChiSeries also launched the first Toronto SpecFic Colloquium, which continues as a yearly event. The guest of honour for the March 2016 Colloquium will be genre and literary luminary Margaret Atwood.

Upcoming ChiSeries events include Winnipeg branch on July 8th at McNally Robinson (with authors Kate Heartfield, Garry Thomas Morse and Timothy Gwyn), and Toronto branch at the Round Venue on Augusta Avenue, on July 29th (with authors Natale Ghent, Jane Glatt and Kate Cayley, as well as musical performers Kari Maaren and Peter Chiykowski).

Jun 30, 2015

Creative Coterie: TEGG and ChiZine Become Spellbound Bedfellows


TORONTO—The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG) and ChiZine Publications (CZP) today reached a creative coterie, a partnership that will see the CZP co-publishers, Sandra Kasturi and Brett Savory, join forces with The Archmage, Mr. Ed Greenwood, to help infuse an extra degree of idiosyncrasy into the new worlds and settings he’s created.

“Embrace the Odd” says the tagline on CZP’s website, and for almost 20 years ChiZine has lived up to its promise. CZP has long been known as the publisher of award-winning and mind-bending works that are often described as weird, subtle, disturbing, startling, and dark and are published in a myriad of literary styles and formats. “We look for the unusual, the interesting, the thought-provoking,” says Ms. Kasturi, co-owner and co-publisher at CZP. “We want to show readers something they haven’t seen before, to share the bliss of good writing with our readership,” says Mr. Savory, the other co-owner and co-publisher. “Creating and playing with Ed is going to be so much fun!” adds Ms. Kasturi.

The Ed Greenwood Group, a new transmedia publishing company from the creator of the Forgotten Realms ® , launches this fall with its first novel, a brand-new Ed Greenwood title. Your World Is Doomed is the first novel in an urban fantasy setting called Hellmaw; 6 story arcs, 86 novels, 14 anthologies, 5 games, and 9 Artifacts are planned between Mr. Greenwood’s first novel and the end of the sixth story arc, projected for October 2022. Next year (2016) will see the launch of a more traditional sword-and-sorcery setting code-named Pony Island Adventures. CZP will participate in the Hellmaw setting along with four other Greenwood settings: For Wolf & Empire (steampunk), Lost Princesses of Mars (space opera), The Great Galactic Game (science fantasy), and Under Deadly Stars (science fiction).

“ChiZine’s reputation for being a publisher of great works of genre fiction is very well deserved,” says Mr. Greenwood, president and publisher of TEGG. “Sandra and Brett work hard, they have a strong respect and care for their authors and their works, and have earned respect in return. They believe in excellence, and both are quite heteroclitical in the most delightful of ways. How could anyone not want to work with them?”

Greenwood, Kasturi, and Savory will be co-creating ChiZine story arcs inside Greenwood’s new shared settings, and because it’s ChiZine, these story arcs will be travelling under, around, in between, and through the Greenwood storylines. Both Kasturi and Savory intend to write and play in these new spaces and places but will also be inviting their own group of dynamic and adventurous authors to participate in the ever-expanding creative space Greenwood is building. For more information, please visit:

ChiZine Publications Twitter: @chizinepub | Facebook: LinkedIn:

The Ed Greenwood Group Twitter: @TheEdVerse | Facebook:

To schedule an interview: With ChiZine, please contact Sandra Kasturi at +1 416 652-3482 | With Ed Greenwood, please use the office contact [form] or email:

Apr 7, 2015

Mike Bryant (Shitty Poetry Contest Champeeen 2014) Smackdown


Upcoming Events


Wed, Jul 8, 2015, 7:30PM
1120 Grant Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3M 2A6
Thu, Jul 16, 2015, 7:00PM
1120 Grant Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R3M 2A6
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152A Augusta Ave.
Toronto, ON M5T 2L5


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