The Worm in Every Heart

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Introduction by Nancy Kilpatrick

Ring of Fire
The Guided Tour
Year Zero
Bottle of Smoke
In the Poor Girl Taken by Surprise
A Single Shadow Make
Beyond the Forest
Sent Down
The Kindly Ones
By the Mark
The Emperor’s Old Bones
The Narrow World

The Night the Comet Hit the Library: An Afterword to Kissing Carrion and The Worm In Every Heart by Michael Rowe

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In this first published collection of short stories from one of Canada’s most talented rising stars of horror, Gemma Files takes us into a world of black magic and bleak desire. A world where obsession is stronger than death. Where body, soul, time and space itself, are all fluid and treacherous. Where living houses dream longingly of oblivion, and vampires ache for more than simply blood. A world where the only escape from the darkness within is to embrace it. . . . A world not so very different from our own.

| Introduction by Nancy Kilpatrick. |
Afterword by Michael Rowe. |

eISBN: 9781771483414

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Praise for Gemma Files

Experimental Film is sensational. When we speak of the best in contemporary horror and weird fiction, we must speak of Gemma Files.”
—Laird Barron

“Gemma Files has one of the great dark imaginations in fiction—visionary, transgressive, and totally original. With this new novel [Experimental Film], Files explores the world of film and horror in a way that will leave you reeling. A smart, sharp page-turner with heart and depth.”
—Jeff VanderMeer

“Gemma’s been producing top-notch horror stories for years, and her weird Western Hexslinger trilogy is chock full of hellish horrors.”
—Mike Allen

“I am surely addicted, and this new addiction has a name—Gemma Files. We had company over the weekend, company I adore and hadn’t seen in a year, and I still snuck in bits of this audio book. The author spins together imagery that is breath-taking in both beauty and terror.”
—A Dab of Darkness (audiobook review)

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