The War Beneath: Book One of The Rise of Oceania


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Living and working underwater can be a dangerous thing. First the bulkheads sweat, then there’s a trickle of water . . .

. . . and then in an instant you’re gone. The only thing left is a bloody pulp in the dark water and crushed bone fragments on the seafloor.

And you can’t bolt to the surface in an emergency. . . . The bends will get you.

But that’s not the worst. When you’re living underwater and also working as a spy for your city, that’s when things get really dangerous.

Truman McClusky has been out of the intelligence business for years, working the kelp farms and helping his city Trieste flourish on the shallow continental shelf just off the coast of Florida. Until his former partner shows up, that is, steals a piece of valuable new technology and makes a mad dash into the Atlantic. Before he knows it, Mac ends up back in the game, chasing the spy to not only recapture the tech, but to kill his former friend.

But when he learns the grim truth behind the theft, it sends his stable life into turmoil and plunges him into an even deadlier mission: evade the submarines of hostile foreign powers, escape assassins, and forge through the world’s oceans at breakneck pace on a daring quest to survive, with more lethal secrets than he thought possible in his pocket.

The future of the city depends on McClusky . . . if he can make it back home.

ISBN: 9781771484718
eISBN: 9781771484725

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Praise for Timothy S. Johnston

Praise for The War Beneath

“If you’re going to tackle The War Beneath by Timothy S. Johnston, then suspend any doubt you might have about where technology might take us, or what our cities might be like a century from now. Then sit back, start reading, and enjoy a deep sea dive into the future. . . . One very riveting, intelligent read!”
Readers’ Favorite

“This is a tense, gripping science fiction/thriller of which Tom Clancy might well be proud . . . I fully intended to read this novel slowly, being easily wearied these days, but once I started it I found it impossible to stop. So I read the entire 100,000+ word book in one day and was sorry when it ended. When I say it is gripping, that is the simple truth.”
—Ardath Mayhar

Praise for The Void:

“. . . engrossing and exciting . . . SF and mystery fans will be impressed with Johnston’s tightly written deep-space whodunit.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Praise for The Freezer:

“. . . a combination of science fiction, thriller and horror . . . This exciting tale will keep readers rapt, desperate to find out what happens next.”
RT Book Reviews

The Freezer is a little bit of Asimov’s Caves of Steel, a little bit of Shelley’s Frankenstein, and a bit more of Carpenter’s The Thing . . . This is a great ride, and I heartily recommend it.”
Science Fiction Review

“. . . masterfully crafted . . . there are plot twists, lies, misdirection to wade through, and secrets to be revealed in pursuit of the truth . . . Just when you think you have everything figured out, Johnston piles on more, and more, and more.”
Chanticleer Book Reviews

Praise for The Furnace:

“. . . a Crichtonesque thriller . . .”

“. . . this is your perfect read.”
Chanticleer Book Reviews

“. . . intense . . .”
The Bibliophilic Book Blog

“. . . I was absolutely blown away by The Furnace . . .”
Dreamworld Book Reviews

“. . . definitely a page turner . . . suspense-filled . . .”
—Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews

“. . . compelling . . .”
Booklover Book Reviews

“Johnston is an exemplary novelist.”
Dreamworld Book Reviews

“. . . suspense-filled . . .”
—Kaye Trout’s Book Reviews

“. . . a gripping page-turner . . .”
—Ramblings from this Chick

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