The Thief of Broken Toys


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When a father loses his son and his wife leaves him, he cannot tear himself away from the small fishing village where the boy’s memories reside. Thinking that his life is all but over, he takes to wandering the cliffs, carrying broken things that he always promised his son he would fix, but never did. They’re a sign of his failure, and they keep little Toby close. But then he meets the thief of broken toys, and everything begins to change.

ISBN: 9780981297897
eISBN: 9781926851846

Praise for Tim Lebbon

“[Tim Lebbon] possesses a rare ability to force readers to look inward, not always outward, for the scariest things in the world. While we may not like what Lebbon is showing us . . . there’s no denying the man knows his stuff.”
Dreadful Tales

“A writer at the height of his powers.”
—Ramsey Campbell, author of Thieving Fear and The Grin of the Dark

“Tim Lebbon is one of the most exciting and original talents on the horror scene.”
—Graham Joyce, author of The Limits of Enchantment

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