The Taming

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In the far future, deadly radiation from atomic conflict has caused humanity to mutate into two-headed or bicephalic people, who are essentially twins inhabiting one body. In the Moonfall series, readers follow one-headed Tasman and her family, witnessing their development from outcasts to heroes, the only ones able to fit into the ancient spaceships and save the Earth from the threat of the moon s unstable orbit. The Taming, sequel to Moonfall and Children of Atwar, concludes the epic saga of humanities strange future.

eISBN: 9781771484312

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Praise for Heather Spears

“I will read a story this good on any pretext or none at all: prose as polished and beautiful as fine poetry, characters absolutely unlike anyone you ever knew but unmistakably real and alive.”
—Spider Robinson

“. . . a new humanity in an utterly changed world. [Moonfall] is a truly fabulous novel. But it is also a subtle study of alternative psychology and a wondrously effective construction of a new myth.”
—Douglas Barbour, author of Listen, If, and Carnivocal: A Celebration of Sound Poetry

“One of the most unique writers I’ve ever read. . . . Spears writes beautifully and has constructed a richly developed society.”
The Denver Post

“I have no hesitation placing Spears next to Le Guin, one of the most literate . . . of science fiction writers.”
The Edmonton Journal

“Once I started, I could not stop. . . . I have never read anything like Moonfall. Spears has created an absolutely stunning novel.”

“Some really great miscegenetic sex.”
Globe and Mail

“A different kind of novel; where Moonfall was an epic, Children of Atwar is a tragedy.”
—The Edmonton Journal

“You must read this [Children of Atwar].”
—JP Barda, Chaos

“[The Taming is a] fine conclusion to a major work of the imagination.”
The Edmonton Journal

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