The Skids (The Skids Trilogy #1)


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Live Fast, Die Fast. We Are The Program.

They’re called the Skids. They’ve got three-eyes, tank treads and a bucket-full of attitude. They play the games and the few that don’t get vaped in the first weeks still die at five years old. Game over, thanks for playing. Johnny Drop’s the best skid the Skidsphere’s seen in generations, but he won’t get to enjoy it. Because his world is going to die.

And then Johnny’s going to learn that the universe is larger than he ever dreamed.

Part Hunger Games, part X-Games, with a little Monster’s Inc. and The Matrix smashed into the mix, The Skids will take you on a ride beyond what you know of the world. So pop the top and show ’em the circus, we-we-we’re going for a ride.

ISBN: 9781771483858
eISBN: 9781771483865

Praise for Ian Donald Keeling

“If readers enjoyed the first novel, they will find much to enjoy [in Thread War] as well. . . . Tweens and teens with non traditional tastes in relation to sci-fi will likely find themselves engaged in the lives and hardships of Johnny Drop and his team of Skids (and, of course, Wobble and Krugar!).”
Canadian Review of Materials

“Fast, fun, and moving. Thread War is an excellent follow-up to last year’s The Skids, winner of the Copper Cylinder Award.”
—Bakka Phoenix Books

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