The n-Body Problem

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In the end, the zombie apocalypse was nothing more than a waste disposal problem. Burn them in giant ovens? Bad optics. Bury them in landfill sites? The first attempt created acres of twitching, roiling mud. The acceptable answer is to jettison the millions of immortal automatons into orbit. Soon earth’s near space is a mesh of bodies interfering with the sunlight and having an effect on our minds that we never saw coming. Aggressive hypochondria, rampant depressive disorders, irresistible suicidal thought—resulting in teenage suicide cults, who want nothing more than to orbit the earth as living dead. Life on earth has slowly become not worth living. And death is no longer an escape.

ISBN: 9781771481632
eISBN: 9781771481649

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Praise for Tony Burgess

“. . . Burgess’s prose is confident, poetic and even, at times, beautiful.”
—49th Shelf

“Tony Burgess . . . is one of this country’s most distinctive indie-alternative voices.”
The Toronto Star

“Burgess brings something original and fresh to the psycho-noir tradition . . . . With books like Waste, Bloody Women, The Disassembled Man and short stories like ‘Hold You,’ ‘Pillow Talk’ and ‘Carpaccio’ it looks like the psycho-noir is experiencing a bit of a renaissance for those readers willing to seek them out and People Live Still in Cashtown Corners is a worthy addition. Recommended.”
Spinetingler Magazine

“After finishing People Live Still in Cashtown Corners, you won’t know whether to applaud Burgess’ impressively large literary cohones or arrange to have him committed to the nearest mental health facility.”
—Paul Goat Allen, Barnes & Noble Community Blog

“Tony Burgess combines lyricism with graphic, cinematic violence.”
Quill & Quire

“Buy all his books.”
Now Magazine

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