The Flame in the Maze: Book Two of the Ariadne Series

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The Flame in the Maze picks up the thread of the tale begun in The Door in the Mountain. The Princess Ariadne schemes to bring her hated half-brother Asterion to ultimate ruin. Asterion himself, part human, part bull, grapples with madness and pain in the labyrinth that lies within a sacred mountain. Chara, his childhood friend, tries desperately to find him, accompanied by Prince Theseus, who has sworn to kill him. In a different prison, Icarus, the birdboy who cannot fly, plans his escape with his father, Daedalus-and plots revenge upon the princess he once desired. All of their paths come together at last, in an unforgettable blaze of fire, hatred, love and hope.

ISBN: 9781771483261
eISBN: 9781771483278

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