The Door to Lost Pages

by Claude Lalumière | :: Jump to Buy Links ::

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Step through the door to lost pages and escape a life you never wanted.

On her tenth birthday, Aydee runs away from home and from her neglectful parents. At first, surviving alone on the streets is harsh, but a series of frightening, bewildering encounters with strange primordial creatures leads her to a bookshop called Lost Pages, where she steps into a fantastic, sometimes dangerous, but exciting life. Aydee grows up at the reality-hopping Lost Pages, which seems to attract a clientele that is both eccentric and desperate. She is repeatedly drawn into an eternal war between enigmatic gods and monsters, until the day she is confronted by her worst nightmare: herself.

| Introduction by Paul Di Filippo. |

ISBN: 9781926851129
eISBN: 9781926851952

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