Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye

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Farm is the mega-conglomerate food supplier for City, populated with rabidly bureaucratic superiors, and sexually deviant tour guides dressed in chicken and duck suits. City is sprawling, technocratic, and rests hundreds of feet above the coastline on the creaking shoulders of a giant wooden pier. When the narrator’s single mother, whom he left behind in City, falls out of contact, he fears the worst: his mother is homeless and subsequently to be deported under City to the Pier. On his desperate search to find his mother, he encounters ecoterrorists wearing plush animal suits, City’s all-powerful Mayor who is infatuated with magic refrigerators and outlaw campaigns, and an over-sexed priest who may or may not have ESP, but who is most certainly his deadbeat dad.

Whether rebelling against regimented and ridiculous Farm life, exploring the consumer-obsessed world of City, experiencing the suffering of the homeless in Pier, or confronting the secrets of his own childhood, Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye‘s narrator is a hilarious, neurotic, and rage-filled Quixote searching for his mother, his own dignity, and the meaning of humanity.

ISBN: 9781926851693
eISBN: 9781926851709

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Praise for Paul Tremblay

“When reading Swallowing a Donkey’s Eye, be careful when you let your guard down—know that Tremblay is shaking his left fist, swinging that arm around, forcing your attention over here, so you don’t see what he’s doing over there, and then BAM, the uppercut, sending you sprawling to the canvas.”
The Nervous Breakdown

“[Tremblay] tells the kinds of stories that reveal the truths nesting inside the things that scare us the most. If ever I find myself wandering through an apocalyptic darkness, I would trust Paul Tremblay to hold my flashlight.”
Strange Horizons

“Paul Tremblay is one of the most original authors writing today.”
Upcoming 4 Me

“Paul Tremblay’s stories sneak up on you quietly and then . . . wow! You don’t know what hit you, but you like it. And you want more. Powerful, emotional and unforgettable; these are stories that work their way into your brain and into your heart. Highly recommended.”
—Ann Vandermeer, Hugo Award-winning editor of Weird Tales

“If you’re a fan of the likes of Dennis Etchison, Donald Barthelme, Thomas Ligotti, or Kelly Link, you’ll love Paul’s work. In any case, scarf up his books, you can’t go wrong.”
—Tom Piccirilli, author of Every Shallow Cut

“When you enter the world of Paul Tremblay most anything can happen, and usually does.”
—Richard Thomas, The Nervous Breakdown

“Tremblay has a skilled way of writing stories that linger in the readers mind. He is able to take characters in out-of-the-ordinary situations and tell their tale in an unusual and relatable way. The stories leave the reader to speculate and wonder about the scenarios, characters, and eventual—but unwritten—outcomes.”

“Paul Tremblay is a storyteller of the highest order-edgy, sensitive, and fearless.”
—Stewart O’Nan, author of Last Night at the Lobster and Songs for the Missing

“Paul Tremblay creates images of terror and wonder. Lean, mean, and just a bit on the nasty side, he’s a hardnosed prose stylist with a heavyweight punch. Tremblay is a bona fide contender.”
—Laird Barron, author of The Imago Sequence

“Tremblay more than proves that horror doesn’t have to be disgusting or gruesome—at least initially, and instead employs a more character-driven and subtle approach. If you’re willing to read between the lines, Tremblay’s fiction is one of the most horrific you’ll ever read.”
Philippine Online Chronicles

“There’s always room for subtlety and elegance, even in genres like horror, and Paul Tremblay understands this. What makes his fiction remarkable is that it creeps up on you, instead of being transparent and overt.”
Bibliophile Stalker

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