Staff Bios

Sandra Kasturi, Publisher

Sandra Kasturi is a poet, writer and editor, and the co-publisher of the World Fantasy Award-nominated and British Fantasy Award-winning press, ChiZine Publications. Born in Estonia to an Estonian mother and Sri Lankan father, she now lives in Canada. She is the co-founder (with Helen Marshall) of the Toronto SpecFic Colloquium and the national Chiaroscuro Reading Series. Sandra’s work has appeared in various venues, including ON SPEC, Prairie Fire, several Tesseracts anthologies, Evolve, Chilling Tales, A Verdant Green, TransVersions, ARC Magazine, Taddle Creek, Abyss & Apex, 80! Memories & Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin, and Stamps, Vamps & Tramps. Her two poetry collections are: The Animal Bridegroom (with an intro by Neil Gaiman) and Come Late to the Love of Birds. She is currently working on two books: a new poetry collection called Snake Handling for Beginners, as well as a story collection, Mrs. Kong & Other Monsters. She is fond of gin & tonics, Michael Fassbender and red lipstick.


 Brett Savory, Managing Editor

Brett Savory is the Managing Editor of ChiZine Publications, and has had over 50 short stories published—some of those collected in No Further Messages—as well as three novels, A Perfect Machine, In and Down, and The Distance Travelled. He’s halfway through his fourth novel, Lake of Spaces, Wood of Nothing, is the drummer for the metal band Ol’ Time Moonshine—who recently released their first full-length album, The Apocalypse Trilogies: Space Wolf and Other Dark Tales on Salt of the Earth Records—and lives in Peterborough, ON, Canada with his wife, writer/editor/publisher Sandra Kasturi.

Erik Mohr, Cover Art Designer

Erik Mohr‘s covers for ChiZine Publications have been nominated for an Aurora award. His work as a Creative Director, Art Director, and designer has been recognized by the Society of Publication Designers, the Canadian National Magazine Awards, Magazines du Qubec, Applied Arts, and the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, among others. Erik has worked as an illustrator with clients including Harper Collins New York, Maclean’s Magazine, National Post Business Magazine, The Utne Reader, Groundwood Books, and McClelland and Stewart. Erik’s paintings have been in group and solo exhibitions across Canada and hang in private collections around the world. He lives in Toronto with his wife, Tania, his daughters, Astrid and Estelle, and his three-legged cat, Roger.

Jared Shapiro, Layout Designer

Besides creating kick-ass book covers and astonishing interior layouts, Jared Shapiro has absolutely no skills whatsoever. He does nothing with either his college diploma, or his university degree (but hey, who really does?), and in his spare time he writes terrible, terrible stories.

Kari Embree, Social Media Manager

Kari Embree, Social Media

Kari (rhymes with “safari”) has worked in social media on brands ranging from Chiquita to Qualcomm. She is a life-long book lover, and as a certified copy editor is always ready to whack your knuckles with her red pen. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Leigh Teetzel, Editorial Assistant

Leigh is a writer. One day she hopes to make a living off her writing, but until then she will weather the storm of rejection letters, and daydream her way to new story ideas. Because she needs more of those. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Ontario (2012) and a Certificate of Publishing from Ryerson University (2014). She currently lives in Toronto, where she moved to chase a job in publishing. Leigh likes spec-fic of all flavours, rain and thunderstorms, superheroes, space, the colour blue, and Pop! Vinyl figures. When she’s not writing or proofreading, or doing something else related to books, she can be found knitting, playing D&D, or lost in a video game.

Klaudia Bednarczyk, Graphics and Editorial Assistant

Klaudia graduated from York University with a BA in Professional Writing (Book Stream). She also has certificates for Publishing and Graphic Design for Print and Web. Print design is her passion. She loves working with people and challenging her own style to create crisp, clean designs. She worked for trade and educational publishers in a range of departments from editorial to marketing. She chose to spruce up her skills by attending Humber’s Graphic Design for Print and Web program—moving her career direction in a more hands on and creative one. In the last few years she also picked up a DSLR and continues to document wildlife and raise awareness on environmental issues.

Christie Harkin, Consultant Publisher (ChiTeen)

Formerly the children’s publisher and editor at Fitzhenry & Whiteside and James Lorimer & Co., Christie has a history of publishing and editing award-winning novels and picture books, as well as an extensive background as an educator and tutor. She is now also the consultant publisher at Clockwise Press and the resident Word Guru at (ask her about cryptocurrencies!!). Christie is an avowed suburbanite who is married to a writer, and mom to two teenaged aspiring writers (and a twenty-something who wouldn’t write if his life depended on it).

Kate Moore, HR Consultant

Kate is a patron of the arts, supporting her husband, horror writer Matt Moore’s burgeoning writing career (this generally involves proofreading and making martinis).  She also has a beagle whose love and affection keep her sane after a day in the HR trenches.

Ben Kinzett, Editorial Assistant

Ben graduated Trent University after an excessive five years spent studying English literature. He spends his days exchanging short stories for rejection letters—the most valuable currency, second only to scotch and spices. There is a movie, book, and alcohol collection in his room far exceeding what would be sensible for anyone with a student debt. He refuses to explain how it got there.

Greg Murphy, Intern

A certified nutter, Greg is an editor, proofreader and writer, and the proprietor of Hero Editorial Services. He has an advanced diploma in multimedia journalism and communications from Loyalist College and a certificate in publishing from Ryerson University. When he’s not putting red on a manuscript, he’s stuck in his head, reading or writing, so don’t bother trying for his attention, unless you have snacks. You may find him roaming around with his cosplaying girlfriend or playing Magic: the Gathering with a bunch of other mouth breathers in the dark recess of his local gaming store.

Emily Coleman, Intern

Emily Coleman graduated from Briar Cliff University with a degree in English. She currently lives in New York, with her better half and their cat, looking to start a career in publishing. Currently she is working at the Barnes and Noble home office as a Cafe Operations Coordinator. You can find some of her writing at Jumping Shelves, ComicsVerse, and The Bookish Blog, and stalk her on a variety of social media platforms.