Rupert Bottenberg

Rupert Bottenberg is a visual artist, writer, editor, and teacher, living in Montreal. He is the co-director of the En Masse collaborative art initiative, the programmer of the Axis animation section at the Fantasia International Film Festival, and founder of the Montreal Comix Jams. He is also the former Music Editor of the Montreal Mirror newsweekly (RIP). Bottenberg’s debut book Traumstadtdenken (Éditions Trip, 2012) won that year’s Bédélys Indépendant award. In 2017, Éditions Trip released Traumstadtdenken 2.

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Fourscore Phantasmagores presents a crowd of phantoms from the underworld of the psyche fit for heroes to encounter, for their bedevilment, bafflement, or occasional bludgeoning. It’s a wonderful book in itself, and an inspiring collection of seeds for sagas to come.”
Black Gate Magazine

Fourscore Phantasmagores reveals Bottenberg’s inventive imagination and his talent as an artist. . . . Before heading out to the next RPG adventure, make sure to pack a 20-sided die, character sheets, and Fourscore Phantasmagores. These entities could populate a game with delightfully vile creatures and sinister NPCs.”
The New York Journal of Books

“Rupert’s creatures are equal parts whimsical and unsettling in a way that takes me back to playing D&D with my cousins and voraciously reading about monsters and myths. Open up this tantalizing tome and get ready for a trip.”
—Jim Zub, writer of Dungeons & Dragons, Conan – Red Sonja

“An eye-popping menagerie of monsters and mystical creatures from an imagination that treads the same path as Tolkien and del Toro, with a touch of Lovecraft and Dr. Seuss tossed in for good measure.”
—Dave Alexander, Editor-in-Chief, Rue Morgue Magazine

“From the beginning of modern fantasy roleplaying games, there have been bestiaries of imagined monsters to use in the games. The best of these many, many books inspire anyone who pages through them, devouring the illustrations and enjoying the accompanying text. Fourscore Phantasmagores is among the very best of such books; it inspires, it delights, and is at once a wonderful gallery of varied art and that most essential of things: a timely guide of forewarnings for the adventurous. Don’t miss it—for some of the denizens in its pages are unlikely, when they go a-hunting, to miss you!”
—Ed Greenwood, bestselling fantasy author and game designer, creator of the Forgotten Realms

“A wholly unexpected assortment of visual surprises! Dig in and wallow in this rich offering from a formidable artist.”
—Dave Cooper, creator of Weasel, Crumple, and Bent