Robert J. Wiersema

Robert J. Wiersema is a bookseller and reviewer, who contributes regularly to the Vancouver Sun, the Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen, and numerous other newspapers. Wiersema is also the event coordinator for Bolen Books, and the author of Before I Wake (Random House Canada, 2006), which was a national bestseller, Through CZP, he released The World More Full of Weeping in 2009, and Seven Crow Stories in 2016.

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“Wiersema displays a fascination with hidden worlds, inexplicable phenomena and the ineffable, and a talent for working them into taut and suspenseful narratives.”
—Karen Virag, Edmonton Journal

“Wiersema takes readers to a new and unnerving place, complete with spine-tingling chills.”
—Jillayna Adamson, The Martlet

“[The World More Full of Weeping is] a spellbinding novella . . . like fantasy but is not really fantasy. It is more like a dream. Wiersema’s writing is cool and clear, a stream deep in the woods . . . This book is a mysterious gem.”

Praise for The World More Full of Weeping

“[H]aunting . . . seamlessly blends literary fiction with mythic fantasy to create a lyrical, surreal and deeply melancholic reading experience.”
Publishers Weekly

Praise for Black Feathers

“It’s a tale that’s both intoxicatingly bloody and bloody superb.”
Rue Morgue

“[A] disturbing and disconcertingly good read.”
Quill & Quire

Praise for Bedtime Story

“. . . a ripping fantasy quest . . . Wiersema mesmerizes with this artful telling of two interlocking tales . . . resolving in a way that will no doubt attract Hollywood producers. (John Cusack or Nicolas Cage could play the hangdog dad.) All this makes Bedtime Story a page-turner.”
Maclean’s Magazine

Praise for Before I Wake

“Wiersema has crafted a literary supernatural thriller that grips the reader in a chokehold and doesn’t let go until the very last line. . . . Before I Wake is a classic thriller: creepy in all the right places and deliciously suspenseful. Beyond that, it has great emotional depth and resonance. It is a story about good versus evil, faith versus faithlessness, redemption and the cost of miracles. . . . A unique, spellbinding, and ultimately uplifting gem.”
The Globe and Mail

Before I Wake is deceptively easy to read because it is so well written and so emotionally engaging. It is not, however, an easily forgotten book. It will haunt you long after you’ve lent it to a friend. And lend it you will, because it is just too good not to share.”
National Post