Queen of All the Nightbirds

by Craig Wolf | :: Jump to Buy Links ::

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Love hurts. Sometimes it kills.

When the new girl in school falls for one of their own, Eric and his misfit friends think it’s nothing shy of a miracle. She’s everything any of them could ever have dreamed of. The problem is that she’s everything they have dreamed of.

Eric suspects trouble from the start. He wants Doug’s girl in the worst way, and he’s not the only one. And soon he’s visited by bloody images and horrifying dreams. A terrible past that he and his friends have completely forgotten―and that is tied to Rebecca―begins to resurface, and Eric increasingly comes to believe she isn’t human. And neither are her hungers.

Trade paperback ISBN: 9781771484947
Hardcover ISBN: 9781771485258
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Praise for Craig Wolf

“Craig Wolf’s Queen of All the Nightbirds is a powerful, compulsive examination on the tenuous nature of friendship, the dark agony of lust, and the tantalizing shine of acceptance, rocketing along page after page. I literally, at times, could not put this book down, possessed by the need to Find Out What Happens Next, the best drug a writer possesses. You must read this book.”
—Paul Michael Anderson, author of Bones Are Made to be Broken and I Can Give You Life

“What happens when the girl of your dreams drags you into the most depraved nightmare? Craig Wolf’s Queen of All the Nightbirds is a sharp, reality-bending ride through a teen fantasy that twists into raw terror. I couldn’t put it down.”
—Sheri Sebastian-Gabriel, author of Spirits