Probably Monsters

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All Change
I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing
The Festering
At Night, When the Demons Come
Night Fishing
The Death Drive of Rita, nee Carina
The Man Who Was
Shark! Shark!
The Tilt
Bones of Crow
Pins and Needles
Gator Moon
Where the Salmon Run
Indian Giver
A Mother’s Blood
The Travellers Stay
No More West

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Dark, weird, literary horror stories—quintessential ChiZine material. This title comes from a little girl called Isabella who discovered a hole in the carpet and promptly asked how it got there. Ray didn’t know. So she produced her own answer, delivered with the straight simplicity only childhood allows: “Probably monsters.” This book answers similarly. Sometimes the monsters are bloodsucking fiends with fleshy wings or shambling dead things that won’t rest. Other times they’re creatures red in tooth and claw. And sometimes they’re people, people like me and you and sometimes they’re things these people are scared of or don’t understand, things that make us howl in the darkness, often hoping no one hears. Despite what our parents may have told us, there are such things as monsters. Lots of them. We discover that quickly, growing up.

ISBN: 9781771483346
eISBN: 9781771483353

Praise for Ray Cluley

“Excellent work—surprising, moving, and creepy as hell. And yes, chock full of honest-to-god monsters. Yet another great entry from the British horror scene.”
—Nathan Ballingrud, author of North American Lake Monsters

Probably Monsters is a delightful collection of spine-chilling horror and dark fiction stories by author Ray Cluley. I read a lot of short story collections in the horror genre, and I have to be honest: this is one of the best collections I’ve ever read. So if you want to crawl under a blanket and enjoy a chilling night, I would highly recommend this book.”
—I Heart Reading

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