Philip Nutman

Author of Cities of Night, Philip Nutman was an expatriot Englishman who lived in Atlanta, GA. In addition to being an acclaimed, multiple award-nominated novelist (Wet Work), he was an award-winning screenwriter, film producer, director, and sometimes actor. He started writing at age five and has never looked back. He sold his first movie review when he was 15, became Fangoria magazine’s British Correspondent at 18, and had recently retired from 30 years as an entertainment journalist and business writer. He died on October 7th, 2013 at age 50.

Interviews/Guest Posts


“Philip Nutman has brought a fresh eye and deep enthusiasm to the business of horror. The genre is much enriched by his insight and creativity. He’s a vital and original talent.”
—Clive Barker

“He’s a craftsman unafraid to unleash his dark side, which should delight fans of horror and dark fantasy everywhere. Recommended.”

“Nutman writes with ferocity, verve, and intelligence. Not to mention a nasty sense of humour.”
—Jack Ketchum, author of Cover and The Girl Next Door