Parasite Life

by Victoria Dalpe | :: Jump to Buy Links ::

Jane lives alone in a strange old house with her invalid mother who has been catatonic for years, afflicted by a strange wasting disease. But the friendship of a new girl in town, Sabrina, will push Jane to unearth the mysteries of her mother’s past and the dark history of her missing father, forcing her to face a monstrous lineage and the cost of her dark life.

ISBN: 9781771484466
eISBN: 9781771483988

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Praise for Victoria Dalpe

“Overall, I very much enjoyed Parasite Life. It held a good emotional narrative that kept me sucked in. Watching Jane evolve and struggle internally with the beast inside her was interesting to watch. Even the relationships felt natural and refreshing. . . . I would definitely recommend this book to any horror or emotional drama fan.”
—Twenty-Two Twenty-Eight

“Dalpe breathes new life into it by resurrecting the primal, atavistic, Gothic horror that made the children of the night sing to us in the first place.”
—Orrin Grey, The Line Up

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