Nexus: Ascension

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After returning from a thirty-year trade mission, the crew of the Ea wake from cryonic suspension to find that their home world, Bh’Haret, is dead. “Screamer” satellites have been strung around their planet warning of a plague. A scan of the surface of Bh’Haret reveals no trace of human life, only crumbling cities.

Their fuel and other supplies nearly exhausted, the crew has little choice but to make planet fall on Bh’Haret, infected with a virulent and deadly disease. In a desperate scramble to save themselves, the crew members of the Ea must each, in his or her own way, come to terms with the death of their world and try to rekindle a belief in the possibility of life.

ISBN: 9780981374680
eISBN: 9781926851877

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Praise for Robert Boyczuk

The Book of David is an odyssey through realms of science fiction, fantasy, and sheer mind-bending madness. Robert Boyczuk has crafted an epic. Creation mythology and dystopian fiction might not ever be the same after this collision.”
—Laird Barron

“Boyczuk is a very talented writer. His characters are complex and charismatic. The world he created is fantastical. And the story reveals the flaws of religion and beauty of faith.”
Bookend Review

“Boyczuk builds up his hauntings and often gruesome metaphors and imagery from the base of his stories’ human relationships, which imbues his fiction with an uncanniness that mimics the feeling of being trapped in a maze-like dream. Readers need not worry, however. The horror here is very real—Boyczuk just wants you to have a little fun finding it.”
—James Grainger, Rue Morgue Magazine

“Boyczuk has a real knack for creepy, Twilight Zone-style atmospherics. The scary stuff is often made more threatening by being kept just out of sight, concealed in shadows or half hidden behind a window. [His] stories all have a twist—a turn of the screw—that breathes new life into some of the old forms and results in fiction as clever as it is entertaining.”
—Alex Good, Quill & Quire

“Robert Boyczuk is a supremely talented short-story writer.”
—Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing

“Certain to outrage snowboarders and pro-lifers of all stripes. Infantovores, however, will find a powerful and articulate advocate in Robert Boyczuk.”
—Peter Watts, author of Starfish and Blindsight

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