My favourite girl that I never see

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My favourite girl that I never see is the story of a backwoods witch.

Rejected by her closest friend, Ori exiles herself on a hermitage deep in the boreal forest outside the town of Boyle. One day while testing her powers at the old Lutheran church, she meets Gideon, a member of the local youth group who holds extensive knowledge on local botany and an obsession with the occult. As Gideon and Ori trade knowledge, they form a tenuous friendship.

As the season grows darker, Ori encounters burnt symbols on trees, disemboweled crows and beer cans in geometric arrangements: all signs that another witch is working in the area. As markers of dark magic infest the landscape, midnight conferences are held in the red light of the church basement. In rich, autumn watercolour, this prairie folktale traces Ori’s paranoid path through the lonely, marshy forest. Isolation, heartbreak and ritual interweave online and IRL as Ori tries to identify her true friends and hold onto the version of reality she knows.

Trade Paperback ISBN: 9781771484862

Praise for Courtney Løberg

“Courtney generously shares a world, where earthly offerings and internet messages weave three gorgeously strange humans together. All I want is a sequel, not ready to let go of these onliest characters and this prairie place full of tenderness and magic. Her drawings of backwoods cabins, jeans with torn knees, and witchcraft are beautifully queer, radiant, and curious. I have a profound crush on this graphic novel.”
—Elisabeth Belliveau, artist and author of One Year in America

“Courtney Løberg has crafted an exquisite and gorgeous new addition to the comics pantheon in this mysterious and mystical journey through the Canadian prairies—a portrait of landscape, friendship, loss, and discovery that is unique, profound, and personal. I loved it.”
—Lee Henderson, author of The Road Narrows As You Go

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