Moonfall (Book One of the Moonfall Trilogy)

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Born a freak into a post-apocalyptic world of conjoined (bicephalic) twins, one-headed Tasman’s survival through childhood into maturity is at terrible risk, in a society where the abnormal is the norm . . . and loneliness is unknown.

eISBN: 9781771484299

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Praise for Heather Spears

“I will read a story this good on any pretext or none at all: prose as polished and beautiful as fine poetry, characters absolutely unlike anyone you ever knew but unmistakably real and alive.”
—Spider Robinson

“. . . a new humanity in an utterly changed world. [Moonfall] is a truly fabulous novel. But it is also a subtle study of alternative psychology and a wondrously effective construction of a new myth.”
—Douglas Barbour, author of Listen, If, and Carnivocal: A Celebration of Sound Poetry

“One of the most unique writers I’ve ever read. . . . Spears writes beautifully and has constructed a richly developed society.”
The Denver Post

“I have no hesitation placing Spears next to Le Guin, one of the most literate . . . of science fiction writers.”
The Edmonton Journal

“Once I started, I could not stop. . . . I have never read anything like Moonfall. Spears has created an absolutely stunning novel.”

“Some really great miscegenetic sex.”
Globe and Mail

“A different kind of novel; where Moonfall was an epic, Children of Atwar is a tragedy.”
—The Edmonton Journal

“You must read this [Children of Atwar].”
—JP Barda, Chaos

“[The Taming is a] fine conclusion to a major work of the imagination.”
The Edmonton Journal

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