Midnight City: Corpse Blossom (Midnight City #1)

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Post world war Midnight City is a battlefield of ganglords and masked crimefighters. The Risk, newest member of the Midnight Society, must avenge the murder of his mentor at the hands of the notorious hero-killer known as The Sphinx. Haunted by waking nightmares of his dead comrades, The Risk begins to unravel the terrible secret origin of the masked hero craze.

Midnight City is a pulp-age horror-mystery.

Behind every mask, a monster.

ISBN: 9781771483810
eISBN: 9781771483827

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Praise for GMB Chomichuk

“GMB Chomichuk’s collage of paradoxes transcends the bottleneck of time-travel comics with fearless originality . . . It is [Chomichuk’s] unique perspective that allows Infinitum to rise above much of the rest of its competition. By embracing paradox and welding it to the inner workings of his story, Chomichuk successfully resets the bar for smart, engaging time-travel stories.”
—Jason Wilkins, Broken Frontier

“In what has turned out to be his tightest, most accomplished work to date, [with Midnight City: Body Orchard] Winnipeg artist GMB Chomichuk explores the horrifying framework propping up the fearless heroes of  Maxima City with his signature craft and style.”
Broken Frontier

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