Machineries of Mercy

by Tim Major | :: Jump to Buy Links ::

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It’s a beautiful day in the village of Touchstone.

The birds are singing. Everyone is happy.

Everyone except Ethan.

The England he knows is broken and dangerous.

But perhaps Touchstone is more dangerous still.

ISBN: 9781771484695
eISBN: 9781771484701

Praise for Tim Major

For Machineries of Mercy

“A fun, fast-paced two-hander that switches between a creepily perfect English village and a dark vision of the cities of the near future. This imaginative tale deftly explores the dangerous results of combining technology and the punishment-for-profit industry.”
—Kate Blair, author of Tangled Planet and Transferral

For You Don’t Belong Here

“Clever, intriguing and suspenseful . . . a must-read book from a terrific new voice.”
—Alison Littlewood

“A beautifully-written, cleverly unsettling puzzle-box of a novel.”
—Adam Roberts

For Blighters

“Strongly recommended for fans of original and uniquely weird fiction.”
Ginger Nuts of Horror

For Carus & Mitch

Carus & Mitch is punchy and scary and tense and genuinely moving. Tim Major is an exceptional writer.”
—Adam Roberts

“More The Road than The Hunger Games, blending a John Wyndham-esque melancholy with a dose of existential despair, Carus & Mitch is a compelling, unconventional page-turner.”
—Lynda Rucker

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