John Park

John Park was born in England but moved to Vancouver as a graduate student in chemical physics. He now lives in Ottawa where has done research at the National Research Council of Canada and been part of a scientific consulting firm. His short fiction and poetry have appeared in a number of North American and European publications, in English and in French and German translations. In September 2012, his novel, Janus, was published by ChiZine Publications.

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“In the tradition of Delany, Sturgeon, and Le Guin, but taking his place among contemporary voices like Watts, Vonarburg, Schroeder, and Huff, John Park brings strength, intelligence, and grace of narrative to bear in this novel of relationship and estrangement.”
—Candas Jane Dorsey, author of Black Wine and A Paradigm of Earth, and winner of the Aurora, Tiptree, and Crawford Awards

“I confess to being a sucker for stories about identity, self-invention and the slipperiness of memory, so I enjoyed the existential drama of Janus despite its flaws. The premise is one that lends itself more easily to questions than answers, and I found the early part of the book that lays out those questions more compelling than the latter part when it flips into resolution mode. But these are ambitious questions for a first novel to tackle, and if you are intrigued by the prospect of exploring them too, then the world on the other side of the Knot is well worth a visit.”
—Helen Michaud,