Jason Hrivnak

Jason Hrivnak was born and raised in Toronto. His first novel, The Plight House, was published in Canada in 2009, and had since been published in France. Mutilation Song is his second novel.

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“Dinn’s powers are immense, and when he enumerates them in the ear of Thomas, his ‘apprentice demon,’ the most blasé of readers cannot repress a shiver. . . . Jason Hrivnak, who, with The Plight House, made a masterful entry into the literature of malaise, now gives us this new Song added to hell, this poetical call to damnation.”
—Alain Nicolas, L’Humanité

“The almost clinical language in which these hallucinatory states are described . . . at the same time holds a subterranean current . . . the idea that there is, despite all, a space of purity, or in any case incorruptibility, of the human soul. It’s this delicate seed that the demon aims to suppress, to annihilate, to reduce utterly to ashes. And that, yet, is omnipresent.”
—Nikola Delescluse, Paludes, Radio Campus Lille

“A new trap, this is what Jason Hrivnak proposes in Mutilation Song. . . . A fabulous nightmare of hypnotic logorrhea, strewn with visions worthy of a Clive Barker on acid.”
—Nicolas Winter, Just a Word

“Dazzling and suffocating, this violent plunge into the demonism of schizophrenia opens an entire world-in-a-book, a labyrinth of shifting voices, of truths to be deciphered. . . . A truly great novel.”
La viduité

“Profoundly disturbing and resolutely magnificent.”
—Hugues Robert, Librairie Charybde

“Jason Hrivnak’s Mutilation Song is without question a poison but it is also a kind of scripture. This steady incantation of depravity and suffering will not make you a better person but it will, if you find yourself within ten feet of it, entice you to despise all life in an exquisite and elaborate way. . . . You’re gonna love this one.”
—Tony Burgess, author of Pontypool Changes Everything and People Live Still in Cashtown Corners

“Reading like the occult love child of Georges Bataille and David Lynch, Hrivnak’s Mutilation Song is an unnerving and surreal meditation on the demons that haunt us and on the nature(s) of evil. Compelling and unsettling, and definitely worth the read.”
—Brian Evenson, author of Last Days

“Lyrical and hallucinatory, Jason Hrivnak’s Mutilation Song is a sensual atrocity, like The Screwtape Letters for demonomaniacs. Imagine the unholy daisy-chain of C.S. Lewis, J.G. Ballard, and Bret Easton Ellis and you have Mutilation Song.”
—Bracken MacLeod, author of Come to Dust and 13 Views of the Suicide Woods

“First Rule of The Plight House: everyone talk about The Plight House. Hrivnak writes like a crazy angel in this addictive, astonishing debut.”
—Lynn Crosbie, author of Where Did You Sleep Last Night?