Graveyard Mind


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When the dead are the last things to stay buried . . .

In Winnipeg’s underworld, every mortician is on the take and every revenant of myth waits to claw their way out of their tombs. The dead stay in the ground because of Winter Murray, a necromancer of the Compact. A victim of abduction and a criminal herself, Winter stalks Winnipeg’s Graveside, preventing larger, more heinous crimes from spilling over into the lives of the Sunsiders, no matter what laws of gods and men she must break to do so. Winter is a chimera, sharing the genetic material of her own never-born fraternal twin sister. Her dead twin’s essence provides her a link to the Kingdom—the land of the dead—and a tie to a past she’s run from for thirteen years. Winter struggles to find a redemption she doesn’t believe she deserves. The temptation of dirty deeds is everywhere: An animated skeleton with a penchant for wearing dead men’s clothes wants her on his payroll. Her deceased, but not gone mentor, still pushes her to take the easy way by being hard. A composite man assembled from soldiers who still puts boot to ass when Winter demands. A vampire that wants just a taste. Each pulls at Winter ensuring a normal life remains eternally out of reach, and the easy way is anything but.

ISBN: 9781771484633
eISBN: 9781771484640

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Praise for Chadwick Ginther

For Graveyard Mind

“Ginther brings the paranormal to Manitoba in this supernatural thriller, which is sure to delight lovers of gritty urban fantasy. . . . [T]his series launch should appeal to fans of the hard-boiled fantasy novels of Richard Kadrey and Simon R. Green.”
—Publishers Weekly

“With old friends lost and new associates added, and a few threads still unraveled at story’s finish, it may be expected those loose ends will lead into other storylines and be tied together in future novels. If this is the case, the sequel to Graveyard Mind and the further adventures of Winter, et al, will be eagerly awaited.”
New York Journal of Books

For Thunder Road

Thunder Road is a fast-paced, thoughtful novel, and news that it’s the first in a trilogy is welcome indeed.”
Quill & Quire

“Without a trace of antagonistic empires, vast armies, or the schemes of eldritch sorcery . . . Ginther write[s] fantasy that resonates the deepest when it strikes close to home.”
Locus Magazine

For Tombstone Blues

“The pitfalls facing the middle volumes of trilogies are many. They’ve got to deliver the same pleasures as the opening volume without feeling like a retread, and they have to point the way forward without seeming like filler that’s just marking time until we get to the main attraction. I’m pleased to report that Tombstone Blues, Chadwick Ginther’s follow-up to the Aurora-nominated Thunder Road, manages to avoid those traps.”
Canadian Science Fiction Review

For Too Far Gone

“. . . Real, gritty, and bursting with action as well as fantastic characters, Too Far Gone is a triumph!”
—Julie E. Czerneda, author of the Clan Chronicles series

“A master fantasy/noir storyteller . . . a deliciously destructive prairie romp.”
The Winnipeg Free Press

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