Courtney Løberg

Courtney Løberg is a comic artist and poet from the Peace Region of Alberta. She spends a lot of time staring at insects, gas stations, and having half-sublime experiences on the prairies. At the University of Saskatchewan, she created and taught a studio course on making comics. Her poetry and comics have appeared in Augur, untethered, Ink Brick, and Leah Wishnia’s Happiness anthology, among others. She has created several mini-comics and one self-published graphic novel, The Rangeroads. My favourite girl that I never see is her first graphic novella.

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“Courtney generously shares a world, where earthly offerings and internet messages weave three gorgeously strange humans together. All I want is a sequel, not ready to let go of these onliest characters and this prairie place full of tenderness and magic. Her drawings of backwoods cabins, jeans with torn knees, and witchcraft are beautifully queer, radiant, and curious. I have a profound crush on this graphic novel.”
—Elisabeth Belliveau, artist and author of One Year in America

“Courtney Løberg has crafted an exquisite and gorgeous new addition to the comics pantheon in this mysterious and mystical journey through the Canadian prairies—a portrait of landscape, friendship, loss, and discovery that is unique, profound, and personal. I loved it.”
—Lee Henderson, author of The Road Narrows As You Go