ChiSeries Ottawa

Ottawa ChiSeries is held on Tuesdays at Clocktower Brew Pub Regulars (575 Bank Street). Its co-chairs are local writers Matt Moore, Nicole Lavigne and Marie Bilodeau.

Next event:

DATE: December 12th

TIME: 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Facebook event link

Before we descend into a “big cold, white, dark, dull, empty, never-ending, kill-me-now” (to borrow from Pontypool) winter, let’s have a bash!

No readings this time, but geeky vendors selling geeky gifts for your geeky loved ones:

  • Bundoran Press
  • Mirror Comics
  • Renaissance Press
  • Stone Cold Creations
  • JenEric Designs

And more! (Vendors: If I missed your name and you’re coming, let us know and we’ll add you.)

Plus raffles, door prizes and who knows what else!

Before you’re forced to socialize with your co-workers at dreary office parties and then endure the endless bickering of your family, come out to celebrate with the Ottawa speculative fiction community!