Presenting Doggerel & Decorum: A Primer for Estimable Personages

Doggerel & Decorum: A Primer for Estimable Personages

We at ChiZine Publications are proud to present to you Doggerel & Decorum: A Primer for Estimable Personages, where we hope you’ll join us on occasion for a spot of nanty narking over the grandiloquent works into the world we bear. So come all pluviophiles and librocubicularists alike, for . . . Jesus, did people really talk like that? What fucking claptrap.

Thanks for checking out Doggerel & Decorum, our new blog, where each month we’ll share stories, news, and updates about the things keeping us busy and weird at the CZP book laboratory. To coincide with our blog, we’ve launched a biweekly newsletter, the Fortnightly News, to help you stay abreast of upcoming CZP events, book releases, and contests, as well as other fun stuff. Subscribe to the Fortnightly News, to avoid any looming sense of FOMO.

So where do we kick off Dog & Dec? What’s making news this month? Well, April was National Poetry Month and we’re fortunate enough to have a few weird poets write for us. We just published two new collections: As Close to the Edge Without Going Over by David Silverberg and Casting Shadows by Troy Harkin.

David and Troy are an especially peculiar sort (and that’s what makes us so fortunate to have them), unafraid—thirsty, more like—to reach deep within to tickle the fiends that lie dormant in us all. We wanted you to get to know them as we do, so we asked them a few essential questions—the ones we know you’ve always wanted to ask a poet. Check out 8 Questions with Troy Harkin and 8 Questions with David Silverberg for a wee bit of insight into their minds.

Thanks for reading. Stay weird.