Fourscore Phantasmagores reviewed at The New York Journal of Books!

Great review of Rupert Bottenberg‘s Fourscore Phantasmagores at The New York Journal of Books!

Here’s an excerpt:

“The mind bends, recoils, and shudders at the beasts within. Sometimes beauty and foulness merge, as in the case of the Miremaiden. Think mermaid or river nymph, except she haunts bogs and swamps. A Drasticulore is the unfortunate offspring of a fire dragon and an ice dragon. Bottenberg pictures the agonizing creature in the manner of stained glass.

Before heading out to the next RPG adventure, make sure to pack a 20-sided die, character sheets, and Fourscore Phantasmagores. These entities could populate a game with delightfully vile creatures and sinister NPCs (Non-playable Characters).”