Black Friday 2016

Howdy, all!

We’re still adding content to the re-launched site, but to help serve you in your hunt for our Black Friday $1.99 eBooks (in which—crazily, we know—all of our eBooks are on sale at that ridiculously low price!), Amazon and Google have a handy ChiZine section at their sites, so I’ve linked to those below. We’ll be adding more book content (all the author content is here) throughout the day and weekend, but if you get a 404 error somewhere, or simply can’t find info on a book you know we carry, simply go to Amazon or Google to grab it. If you don’t use those retailers for eBooks, the other two major retailers, Kobo and Apple, also have our Black Friday sale going. In that case, Google (the search engine) is your friend!

Below are the links to the CZP sections at Amazon and Google Play. Happy hunting!

Dedicated CZP section  at Amazon Canada

Dedicated CZP section at Amazon U.S.

Dedicated CZP section at Amazon U.K.

Dedicated CZP section at Google Play