Ark Land

by Scott A. Ford | :: Jump to Buy Links ::

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A century has passed since the arks appeared out of the depths of space and into the blue sky of their humble planet.

The alien animals on board have made this planet their new home. They live in their wilderness, they’re sold in their markets, and their mysterious origins are even worshipped by some. Like hovering shipwrecks, many of the old arks still orbit the planet, waiting to plummet to the ground below.

Kairn is an Ark Land scavenger—someone that tracks ark debris impacts to salvage and later pawn. But when the local radio station announces a contest offering a sizable reward for the latest ark debris, Kairn is unwittingly thrust into a quest full of colourful characters, strange places, and bizarre creatures.

ISBN: 9781771484565
eISBN: 9781771484572

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