A Telling of Stars

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At eighteen, Jaele’s life is shattered when her family is murdered by a band of Raiders, members of a long-accursed race. Overwhelmed by rage and grief, alone for the first time in her life, and fuelled by childhood myths of a warrior queen, Jaele sets out on an epic quest for vengeance.

Her journey takes Jaele through a kaleidoscope of cultures, some compassionate, some fierce, all remarkably fantastic yet potently real.

As she makes her difficult way, Jaele sheds her innocence, but none of her experiences can prepare her for her ultimate confrontation with her enemy. The novel explores the nature of love, grief and mourning.

eISBN: 9781771483209

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“These books infuse the myth of Theseus with the haunted complexities of a labyrinth, made the more unsettling by Sweet’s sensuous prose. The Flame in the Maze is a book of both horror and beauty, conveying each with equal, delicate precision.”
—Ilana C. Myer, author of Last Song Before Night

“Caitlin Sweet’s shimmering prose, already apparent in her debut novel A Telling of Stars, reaches new heights in The Pattern Scars, which is so replete with luminous images and an evocative atmosphere that even now, a week later, these sensations still haunt my memory as if they had been real, a country I visited and would return to again. It should have been a relief to awaken from The Pattern Scars, after all its horrors. Yet the richness of the world, the complexity of the main character, and the intensity of her tragedy evoke memories that linger for a long time. It is the rare reader who could read this book and be unaffected—or unscathed.”
The Huffington Post

“[Sweet writes] a world with so much possibility and so much beauty, woven with an adept style that really does convince [me] that Caitlin Sweet is a formidable new talent.”
SF Site

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