Submission Guidelines

CZP Submissions

ChiZine Publications and ChiTeen are currently CLOSED to unsolicited and solicited submissions. ChiGraphic and ChiDunnit remain OPEN.

Submission Guidelines

1. Please use our submission system for submitting work. (Link below.)

2. We accept agented or unagented NOVEL manuscripts ONLY.


• short story collections

• novellas

• individual short stories or novelettes

• romance

• poetry

• middle-grade books

• children’s picture books

4. We are a dark fiction genre publisher. This includes science fiction, fantasy, horror, magic realism, industrial thrillers, etc. We are interested in the unusual, the outré, the transgressive. We are interested in pushing the boundaries. Your submission should be, above all, well-written—strong style, characters, plot.

5. We have recently added several imprints: ChiTeen, ChiGraphic, ChiDunnit. So we now also accept:

• young adult novels (must still be SF, fantasy, horror)

• graphic novels

• mysteries

6. Your submission should include: a SHORT cover letter with contact info and a brief bio note; a 1-3-page synopsis of your manuscript. As for content, please send the FIRST THREE CHAPTERS of your novel ONLY. We do not accept full manuscripts on initial submission. If we like what we read, we will ask for more.

7. DO NOT SEND: Twilight retreads, Tolkien knock-offs, stories set in worlds created by other writers.

8. Response time will vary depending on volume of submissions.