Simon Logan

Simon Logan is the author of the short story collections I-O, Rohypnol Brides and Nothing is Inflammable, and the industrial fiction novel Pretty Little Things To Fill Up The Void, as well as Katja From The Punk Band and Get Katja.

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  • Fireball Award (Katja From the Punk Band, 2012)

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“Logan is a stylish transgressor for the next evolutionary moment. He reminds me of Harlan Ellison at his most daring and dangerous raw, fearless, unpredictable, disturbing, and much needed. . . .”
—Jack O’Connell, author of Word Made Flesh and The Resurrectionist

“Like a combination of David Bunch and J. G. Ballard, Logan tells tales of a wounded humanity that has lived so long with its mechanical adjuncts that ‘nature’ is a meaningless term. . . .”
—Paul Di Filippo, author of Wikiworld, and The Steampunk Trilogy

“A visionary in the genre’s midst. . . .”

“What is impressive about Logan is his distinctive milieu, his command of tone and atmosphere and his deftly sketched selection of characters. Logan wants, and probably deserves, his own genre. . . .”
—Martin Lewis,