Katja From the Punk Band

ISBN: 9780981297873
eISBN: 9781926851839

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  • 2012 Fireball Award, (Katja from the Punk Band)

Katja, like everyone else stuck on the work island they call home, wants to get to the mainland by any means necessary. Shooting her boyfriend and stealing a chemical vial is one way to ensure her safe passage—the only problem is, she's not the only one who wants it, and the freedom it will bring: There's Nikolai the joystick junkie; Aleksakhina, Katja's parole officer; Vladimir Kohl, the small-time chemical dealer, and his boss Szerynski; the rival chemical lord Dracyev, and his lover, Ylena. And there's the Man In Red, ready and waiting for whoever is (un)lucky enough to end up with the vial.

Katja from the Punk Band is Jackie Brown meets the Sex Pistols—a fast-paced industrial crime-thriller that weaves multiple storylines and timeframes, from the author of Pretty Little Things to Fill Up The Void, Nothing Is Inflammable, and I-O.

Reviews of Katja From the Punk Band:

[Get Katja is] a solid novel that proves a lot of fun . . .
—British Science Fiction Association
What is impressive about Logan is his distinctive milieu, his command of tone and atmosphere and his deftly sketched selection of characters. Logan wants, and probably deserves, his own genre. . . .
Katja from the Punk Band is a simply beautiful artefact . . .
Logan maneuvers a large cast through overlapping sections of the plot, setting up characters separately and then slamming them into violent confrontations. Readers who can tolerate the deliberately unpleasant action will appreciate the skill with which it's presented.
Each chapter is told from a different character’s perspective, a device that sounds awkward and, truthfully, sometimes is. But the ambition to even attempt it speaks volumes for this author and there are times where—despite the grit and the tawdry surroundings—Logan comes very close to creating something like art. . .There are times that Katja From the Punk Band is so good its almost scary.
For a neat slice of punk lit, Simon Logan won't see you wrong. Katja speaks to the disenfranchised; Logan populating her pages with a wonderful menagerie of characters from start to finish. This is a page-turner like none other, a merry-go-round of bizarro that will have your eyes bleed with tiredness rather than put this bad girl down.
Logan is a stylish transgressor for the next evolutionary moment; he reminds me of Harlan Ellison at his most daring and dangerous-raw, fearless, unpredictable, disturbing, and much needed.
—Jack O'Connell, author of Word Made Flesh and The Resurrectionist

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Simon Logan is the author of the short story collections I-O, Rohypnol Brides and Nothing is Inflammable, and the industrial fiction novel Pretty Little Things To Fill Up The Void, as well as Katja From The Punk Band.

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