In the near future, Jon Grebbel arrives on the colony world of Janus, and finds himself mysteriously without memory of his life on Earth. It seems that the journey has caused severe memory loss in many of Janus's colonists. While Grebbel wants to start his new life, he also wants his memory back, and starts treatments to restore his past. But they only leave him angry and disturbed and he begins to doubt the glimpses of the past the treatments reveal. Grebbel meets Elinda, an earlier arrival, whose lover, Barbara, vanished and then was found lying in the woods, apparently brain-damaged. Elinda has also lost her memories of Earth, but unlike him she has abandoned the effort to recover them. Now their meeting brings each of them a glimpse of an experience they shared back on Earth. Investigating Barbara's fate and their own, the two find their love and their search for justice turning toward bitter self-discovery and revenge, even as they begin to uncover the darkness at the heart of their world.

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[Janus] is . . . graceful and engaging . . .
John Park's quietly effective exercise in eerie world-building and conspiracy mind games satisfies our appetites for strong-meat, offbeat material the Big Six houses tend to ignore.

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Author Info

John Park was born in England but moved to Vancouver as a graduate student in chemical physics. He now lives in Ottawa where has done research at the National Research Council of Canada and been part of a scientific consulting firm. His short fiction and poetry have appeared in a number of North American and European publications, in English and in French and German translations. In September 2012 his novel, Janus, was published by ChiZine Publications.